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    بحث حول البيئة بالغة الانجليزية


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    راي بحث حول البيئة بالغة الانجليزية

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    car car
    Concept of the environment:
    Environment: - set conditions and external factors which they live organisms, and affect different processes carried out by these organisms
    The types of environmental pollution:
    - Carbon dioxide, caused by the massive amounts of fuel you burn industrial plants, fuel stations and combustion engines within the means of transport and communications, and the resulting well as sulfur dioxide.
    And carbon monoxide, which harms the respiratory system. -
    - Impurities and vapors, and suspended materials such as: arsenic compounds, phosphorus, sulfur, mercury, iron, and zinc.
    - Vehicles (CFCs), which produces gas from the use of refrigerators, and some pesticides, and some articles of hairdressing, or remove odors race, which are widely used in homes as well as on farms.
    - Pollution from the use of detergents and heavy metals, radioactive materials, pesticides, and fertilizers, and waste oil tankers, and sewage, and industrial wastewater, carried by the rivers and lakes, and lead to the formation a thick layer of foam, leading to the isolation of water air for oxygen, and thus decrease in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water, which leads to the killing of objects
    - The risk of nuclear tests; causing pollution in water and air and the desert. -
    - Noise; and that entails many adverse health and psychological, where lead to disorder and functions ear, nose and throat, and affect the secretion of certain hormones harmful to the body and lead to unrest in some brain functions, and more dangerous it will lead to the emergence of feelings of fear, anxiety and stress among individuals, also that people with depression are more people sensitive to noise.
    - Many from natural sources; such as storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, and other.
    Muslim community in the face of this problem has to abide by ethics of Islam in behavior and dealing with the nature around us in terms of succession in the ground for ages ..
    Let me What is the role of human
    The role of human lies in ::
    - To ensure the cleanliness of the place in which they live, whether home or his city because the basis of all progress hygiene and paper, and the address of civilization, and the manifestation of faith.
    - Avoid noise, being careful to return his sons calm, is truly value-Semitism and the appearance of Islamic civilization, and the value of the keenness of our religion to confirm and promoting them, he says: I mean walking and without doubt of your voice that denied the vote to the voice of donkeys} (Luqman: 19).
    - Trying to grow around him, from the spaces with flowers and other, decorating his house and around trees and plants, and children's education to maintain trees, flowers and plants in public and private spaces, with awareness of the importance of planting trees and flowers in the garden or indoors; to taste the beauty and careful it.
    - Disposal of garbage properly; to prevent the spread of disease, and the transfer of infection, should not be placed in front of the house or his successor, so as not to be vulnerable to tampering Vtaatnather are clustered by insects, searched image home and harm his family, as well as being careful not to throw from balconies and windows.
    - Disposal of solid waste; like paper, boxes, and pieces of cloth of old, empty bottles, cans, and bits of food that has become one of the most important sources of pollution; because the accumulation and water rafting around it a breeding ground for insects and microbes and the source of the smell unpleasant. The Muslim should be keen to contact the Office of Health and notified of the whereabouts of garbage disposal.
    - Careful in dealing with the water, and non-wasteful use, as well as non-contaminating throwing dirt.
    - Trying to enter the sun to various closets; to eliminate insects and microbes and prevent reproduction and limit the spread of diseases and epidemics.
    - Caution when using chemical cleaners, and toxic substances, and minimize them as much as possible, because they affect the ozone layer, which protects the earth from the rays of the sun, and other harmful rays.
    - The use of filters that protect the environment from the emissions resulting from the use of fuel and so on, as well as used in home appliances that result in the emergence of harmful exhaust Kmadkhna and other kitchen.
    - Environmental awareness among children, to expand their horizons and their knowledge about the love of the world and the universe, including, and where, as well as the publication of this awareness among neighbors and relatives and provide advice and guidance to them, and cooperation to confront this danger, for the benefit of the individual, the community, and the world.
    God has created for us the whole universe, and excelled nature around us, and make it geared to serve, is the secretariat of our hands, and exploitation must be accompanied by as much as bring benefits while maintaining the public interest.
    car car

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